Wednesday, November 02, 2005

11/03 Next week's film

Hello. Next Tuesday, we will watch another film set in 'the near future.' Just as we saw (and you were able to effectively name in our previous two classes) these SF films often give us a better understanding of some of the issues of concern to people at the time of the creation. If you have the time and the desire, I invite you to help decide which film we will watch. I have narrowed the film choice down to two films:
  • Gattaca (1997)
  • Logan's Run (1973)
If you are interested in helping decide on a film, I would suggest you find out a little bit about both these movies and then post a comment on the blog that explains why you would prefer to watch one over the other. Again, that's a post on your choice and your reasoining for choosing one over the other. I am curious to know your thought process on choosing a film and also by explaining your choice, you might be able to convince others to select your film as well. (You should read other students' comments before you vote -- assuming others have made comments....). See you Tuesday!


At 8/11/05 00:07, Blogger KanaMiyazaki said...

Hi^^ I am Kana.
I prefer to watch "Gattaca." It is about DNA control, and we have not ever watched a film about DNA. On the other hand, "Logan's Run" is about cancellation because of increase of population. The last film we watched was also about increase of population, and there were some cruel scenes. I do not want to watch such scenes, so I vote to "Gattaca." I'm sorry for my unpersuasive reason.^^;

At 8/11/05 00:53, Blogger Mika said...

Both of them look interesting, but I want to watch "Gattaca," too because I'm interested in matters of DNA. I sometimes see news about DNA on TV and think to control DNA is good or bad.

At 8/11/05 11:48, Blogger yurimorishita said...

I want to watch "Gattaca". In "Soylent Green", the problem is over population and the problem in "Logan's Run" is also over population, so I want to watch another theme. "Gattaca" is about DNA so I have interest about this movie. Besides, I know some actors in "Gattaca", so I want to watch this move.

At 8/11/05 12:52, Blogger yamayu0329 said...

YUka Yamashita.
I agree with Yuri!!

At 8/11/05 14:08, Blogger chika0306 said...

I agree with Yuri,too!


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