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Today's class is a writing workshop, focused on writing more than workshopping. I am willing to discuss and help people with any part of their paper that they need, but i think more than anything, you just need to work on the paper. So here is the plan.
  • First, i will ask you to do a short writing (10-15minutes) about Soylent Green describe (two or more) of the additional themes you see in this film. Please do not list the ones we talked about in class (Rich v. Poor, Power & Corruption, Women as Objects) that we discussed in class -- these are great themes, but I want to see what else you noticed. After listing a couple more themes and how/where you saw them, I'd like you to decide which one you think you would write about , if you had to write a paper on this film and why. Whole writing assignment no more than 15minutes.
  • Next, I want you to open your draft, and if you have the hard copy I made comments on, get that out too. Decide what you need to work on today in class. What do you need to do to make your paper better? Once you have decided on a focus, work on that. If you need help from me, if you want me to explain or give advice, ask. I do offer this link to OWL... which has good information on all aspects of paper writing. Take about a half hour to work on one askpect of your paper.
  • At about 3:15, I want you to take a break from working on the paper and take a look at look at a classmate's work. Exchange papers, do a bit of peer editing. The idea is that your writing will be made a lot better if you have another set of eyes looking at it. When editing, focus on content and ideas, not grammar. If you focus on one person's paper, you should be able to give it a through go over in about 15 minutes. Discuss your comments, then, if there is time, make corrections. Remember, you can turn in your paper today or next Tuesday.
  • Reemember to save a copy of your work today. Save and then send it back to yourself, or save to your Z drive, or your disk, whatever, just make sure you don't lose the work you do today in class.
That is all. Good luck and please I am here to help, if you need anything, just ask.


At 2/11/05 14:43, Blogger yoheibig said...

1:need more space, 2:role of church in film, 3:rich people make history.
1, People are increasing until 50,000,000(I'm not sure) in a city, so they can't find any place to live. In the film, we can see poor people sleep on the ground in crowded way, not in the street. It's strage that they don't sleep in the street. I guess, that the rich owned right to use night street, and if someone want, they can borrow with money.
2, In the film, church have a important role. The rich man who was killed at the beggining went there before. and poor people slept there. There must have some special meaning.
3, In the film, the historical book was found in rich man's house. And when first Sol read it, he was surprised. This shows that correct history is not informed to citizen. Only rich people know. And there was no school to educate someone. Poor people don't have chance to know reality.
If I write essay on this film, I'll choose church. It's because church imply something, I feel. And I am curious about church in American society. It will be good opportunity to know church.

At 2/11/05 14:44, Blogger yamayu0329 said...

This is Yuka Yamashita.
I think this film's theme is Human beings destroy themselves. In the film there is "soylent Green" and it is made from dead human bodies and people eat it. Also at the first montage, people develope new technology, but after that they suffer from the product that they created. People strangle themselves.
I would write about this theme, especially focus on the beginning of the montage, because I think this montage has message of the film.

At 2/11/05 14:45, Blogger seiji ohashi said...

the thesis of this film is food and environmental problem which will certainly happen in the near future and in some place, this happened already. in this file, there are no food except soylent green. vegetable and meat is very rare. I think I will focus on the environmental problem because we are confronting this problem now as this film. our population is growing and there are many pollution which we have to solve. this problem occured in 1970s but nothing was done to it. it is strange we realize this problem now. my topic would be what was done and what was not done to environment.

At 2/11/05 14:48, Blogger chika0306 said...

The theme I found in this film is scarce food and paranoia.
I can see the problem of scarce food in Soylent Green. Increasing population naturally cause the problem of scarce food. So, Soylent Green was invented. Also, this film describing the problem in the scene which thorn and Sol show great interest in real food.
I found the theme of paranoia in the last scene. In that scene, Thorn said " Tell everyone! Soylent Green is people!!" But, no one shows interest in what he is saying.
If I write a paper, I prefer write about scrce food. Because, describing real food in this movie is interesting.

At 2/11/05 14:50, Blogger Matsutaku said...

I am really interested in the chapter that Sol goes home. The building people call "home" is just like hospital and many old people visit there. However, actually, that is an organization reccomend old people a mercy killing.
The concept that people prefer dying to living in the hopeless world makes audiences think about their future because it might happen in this real world. In other word, because of a extream possibility happening the same situation with this film, "Solrent Green" can be said a horror film.

At 2/11/05 14:51, Blogger AkikoHarada said...

I think one sheme is danger of human extinction because of human egoism. people always try to get the higher standard of living. human become more and more independent using product made by their civilization. however they do not notice the prodcut was originally from nature resources. nature is destroyed and finally, almost disappear. it is human egoism

At 2/11/05 14:52, Blogger tomomasanagashima said...

I think Soylent Green is the film that tells us the too much population caused the big problem, for example, the problem of a lack of food appears strongly in this film. Moreover, many people lies on the stair to sleep. I think this is also caused by much population. So, we could not live our daily life easily because there is no house or no food. In this world, the population is more and more increasing, especially developing countries. We should confront this problem because the time like this film will come in the future. Because of this, I want to think about it so deeply. I want to choose this theme.

At 2/11/05 14:52, Blogger kumi_n said...

This film is warning that we shouldn't waste nature. In 1972, the oil shock was happend in the world. Pleople have used lots of oil, so when they couldn't get it, many troubles were happen. I think that the film represents the event. Concerning food, if we waste food, it will be scarce and people will be paniced like the case of oil shock. If we keep destroying nature, it will be scarce in the future. Therefore, we have to think about that carefully and improve the way of using nature.

At 2/11/05 14:52, Blogger Mai Hayashi said...

Theme:warning for people about using natural sourses

In this movie, there are a very large population, and it is not a real sisuation. However, it could happen if we continue our way of life which use a lot of natural sources.


Simonson was killed, and he is creator of soylent. So, some people do not feel comfortable for a person who have authority.

I would write about the warning for people about using the natural resorces. Because I take the class of environmental science, and I have learned about environmental probrem. I think this movie tells us about the environmental problem even if it was made in 1973.

At 2/11/05 14:52, Blogger erikomatsumura said...

Though environmental problem have been discussed for a long time, this problem seems not to be better than before. A lot of mountain were destroyed and environmental problems are happened. In this film, our future when the problem wouldn't resolved or be better is described. Therefore, this movie is warning for us or next generation and it shows us how the situation our future may fall into. It tells us that we waste many many things without thinking about future.

At 2/11/05 14:53, Blogger AyumiShingu said...

I found some theme from this film; one is the warn of dangerous too much development and the other is how to survive in these situation.
First, this film describes too much development of technology and as a result of it, people have to live such a terrible society. In the scene when Sol dies there are a lot of pictures of nature. They are beautiful and dipicted as if they have not exist in this society any more. Technology
make us rich and comfortable to live but too much it couses bad situation and this film shows them clearly. This is one of the theme of this film.
Second, it describes how to survive in these situation. The main charactor, Thorn, is not rich from us but he is not poor in this days. I mean that he is richer than ordinary people because most people in this days live on the stairs or church, they do not have much space even to sleep and they sometimes die on the street or somewhere. On he contrary, Thone live in the apartment and he has job, which means he is rich from ordinary people. In his life we can know how to survive in such days. He is good person but steals some good things from rich people. It is not good thing but to survive in such days it's no way to behave like him. In addition, his name is Thone and I think this name comes from his strong charactor against this society, to survive in this days cleverly.

At 2/11/05 14:53, Blogger Mai Ogata said...

Hi, this is Mai O.
I think the additional themes are foods and euthanasia. And if I have to write a paper about this film, I would chose euthanasia to focus on. The time of this film is when many people are very poor and they are hard to live longer. And as we saw in the film, when Sol went to a facility where he did it, almost all customers(?) were older people. They seems they don't have hope to live. I became interesting about the euthanasia to see this scene. SO I would chose euthanasia.

At 2/11/05 14:54, Blogger RieOkada said...

This movie is for the future. In this movie, there are no food and water and people who are so poor. Developing the world is convinience for human however in this movie, the difference between rich person and poor one is so wide. This is because humam heart. Human always depend on the machine which has no mind so rich person work only his benefit and forget to support another person and they can produce soylent green with no feeling about that. This is so terrible thing. human don't forget their mind if anything happen.

At 2/11/05 14:54, Blogger Nakaeri said...

One big theme of this movie is environmental pollution. There is a message like if we would not think about it seriously, the future of human being would hopeless. Or, when I was watching this movie, I remember what I learned last movie. The fluoridation. Problem about our food is very serious. I thought there are some similarity between soylent green and fluoridation. Also I noticed the importance of our daily food.
If I write about this movie, I would like to mention about food serving because it connect very deeply to our life.

At 2/11/05 14:56, Blogger KaoriFujiwara said...

One theme of this movie is "human begins are treated as things". In the movie, people are scooped by trucks, and also they are material for foods. Another theme is "lost of human rights". This may be connected with first one. Many people have not house and live on stairs. they can not eat enough foods. Also, they can kill oneself so easily.

At 2/11/05 14:57, Blogger chihirosaito said...

In "Soylent Green," Sol Roth died of mercy killing. Therefore this movie has the theme of mercy killing. Nowadays, especially in Japan, people discussed about this way of death. That is because this way can save dignity of human but force to stop their life unnaturally. According to this movie, mercy death was described it was not so evil. It was regarded as a people's escape from suffering of life.
On the other hand, one more another theme is "love." Thorn and Shirl love each other even during the riot. It is iportant not to forget to love, then people can overcome the suffering which they face.

At 2/11/05 14:58, Blogger yurimorishita said...

Soylent Green describes nature as our home. When Sol is going to die, he watches big screen that shows secnes of greate nature, such as flowers,in the earth that the people can't see any more. I think Sol thinks nature is our home, and we all go back to nature.
Besides, this movie describe the problem of over population. It suggests that too much industrialization might cause over population and it cause a lot of other problems.
If I had to write a paper, I would write about first one because I'm interested in the way of thinking that nature is our home.

At 2/11/05 14:58, Blogger haruna sato said...

・To try to find and prove the truth: Sol realizes the truth that soylent green is made of humans, and Thorn works hard to prove the truth instead of Sol.
・Too developed technology: The goverment might pay too much attention to develop technology, so they lost all natural resources. However, the population keeps increasing and they have to live where they were born, so nothing can be solved as a result.
I would choose latter one to write. The situation could be possible to happen in our real world in the future, so we have to consider about it.

At 2/11/05 15:02, Blogger aya said...

Other themes of Soylent Green are people vs. government, or life and death. Since population is large, there is not enough food, so government makes foods, Soylent Green, with people. To make foods, government gathers people, even they are dead, and provides them. People eat them as foods. They do not know it, so government deceives them.

At 2/11/05 15:03, Blogger megumi_n said...

destroying natural resource
In this film, people cannot get enough food. People cannot product food because the number of people increase too much and people destroy natural resources. In the scene of Sol watching beautiful nature, we saw the sequence of the nature. This images represent importance of nature. By reflecting on the images, the film reminds us of importance of nature. In the opening, many picture of cars, people and garbage. I thought people used natural resource for development of technology in 1970's. By using the more resorces, people put out the more waste. I would write about nature.

At 2/11/05 15:04, Blogger Megumi Kakimoto said...

One of possible themes in the film, "Soylent Green" is about lack of moral as people (human). I mean in this film, some people seemed to lose the human moral that human should have like "do not kill other people" or "do not steal." They murder people, steal, and treat naturally others (especially, women) as tools or things. Moreover, people make food (soylent green)from people! That shows "cannibalism."
Another theme in the film is concerning euthanasia. In the film, Sol choose to die by himself at "Home." It seems euthanasia in modern time. Some people choose or must choose to end their life by themselves or by their family (in some cases), for example because of irremediable desease. Euthanasia is similar to suicide but euthanasia is easier and painless. Even now, there are a lot of arguments (both pro and con) about euthanasia.
In addition, in the film, people's bad aspect is showed. Tht is people often look back better time and talk about present bad situation negatively. Sol shows this in the story.

At 2/11/05 15:05, Blogger YukaMori said...

One of the themes of "Soylent Green" is that we should not accept things without clearly knowing about them. The biggest reason is that ignorance of people makes soylent green. We can see the theme through the whole story, especially at the ending of the story.
Other of the themes is that we should be strong enough to overcome difficulties. The biggest reason is that if Sol could stand the truth, he would not die. The theme is indicated in the scenes which Sol knows the truth and goes home.
If I had to write about this film, I would write about the latter theme. One of the biggest two reasons is that it seems more interesting than the former. The other is that I want to know what and how Sol think deeply.

At 2/11/05 15:06, Blogger KanaMiyazaki said...

2,the position of old people

1, Sol goes to big building with decision of death. He sees very beautiful view on a screen and he says "i live too long." Finally, he is dead as euthanasia. Not only him, but also many other people visit the building hoping for euthanasia. I will focus on the right of killing human beings. Even if a person is a seriously ill patient or he is unconsciousness, he is living. However, in the film, aolso in our society, euthanasia is admitted. I will focus on how euthanasia was admitted not as crime but as right way.

At 2/11/05 15:09, Blogger Eriko Minami said...

This is Eriko Minami.
This film is about the possible fear caused by the growing population, or the possible problem of the earth in the future. In the first part of this movie, there are some images of overpopulated. Also, there are some scenes about destroy of human beings. I want to know the way of describing about human in the future in this film.

At 2/11/05 15:17, Blogger KanaMiyazaki said...

Sorry, i forgot to focus on the second theme.
2, the position of old people
As I said before, many people visit to the building hoping euthanasia, and most of them are old people. It means the old people do not have job and role in the society. Also in our society, old people are gradually increasing. The society is called aging society. I would focus on the position of old people in our society.

At 2/11/05 15:23, Blogger Mika said...

One of themes I noticed is difference of setting. Settings are very different in some scenes. New York City and where Thorn lives look dirty and old. On the othere hand, the building which Shirl lives and the place Sol goes to end his life look very clean and modern.
Another theme I noticed is governments manner toward poor people. In the sequence of "riot control," people who make riot are pushed into trucks. It makes me imagine that people are packing Soylent Red.
If I have to write a paper about the film, I will chose socond theme because that scene was very shocking to me.


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