Wednesday, December 14, 2005

12/14 Working on U4 assignment

Hello. Not a lot to say today but you should read it all becuase there are specific instructions. Your choice.

I am guessing many of you could use some more time and guidance on this assignment, I'm hip, I understand. The problem is those of you who probably need help the most are often the least likely to ask. Thus today, I have made no specific plan, beyond a short (5-10minute) writing assignment, due before you leave class. If you wish to speak with me in class, please write your name on the board. I will spend a maximum of 5 minutes with any student if there are others waiting to talk with me. I will try to see everyone who wants to talk with me. If I have seen you early in the class and you want to talk again, you may write your name on the board again.

In class, I will allow you to work on whatever you wish, but suggest you spend your class developing your outlines (the finished assignment-thing that will be turned in Friday). By now, you should have seen your film/show and have begun to do some research, finding articles and other information online or in books. By the end of today, you must have a research question and a thesis developed, and should have begun to read and take notes on your research. By friday you need an outline with a thesis, a work cited page (MLA format) that lists the materials you used in your research, and copies of the sources you used. I am expecting you to use four or more sources, and prefer that most (if not all) are in English.

In-class writing assignment: Please answer the following two questions.
  1. What is your research question ? What are you specifically looking for?
  2. What is your 'best guess' answer to your question? What do you expect to find? What specifically do you think you will find in your research? BTW (by the way), this 'best guess' answer to your research question is often times your thesis. Notice I said specific? I mean it.

Notes on writing a strong, useful thesis
. You might want to look at the OWL site (or here, if you are confused about what a thesis/research question is) about helping you write a thesis. Notice the site makes a distinction between reasearch question and thesis? I want you to ask a question and then answer it. That makes this an analytical reasearch paper, I beleive.

Example Thesis
. A thesis that says, "The characters of Film X tells us various things about women" is empty and is not a good thesis.
so too a thesis similar to "Many things have changed for women over time" while better, again expresses almost no specific information.
Make your thesis strong and relevant: make sure it clearly states something important, something memorable.
"The character in Film X depict women as ____ and this tells us that women are ____"
"The role of women in society has changed dramatically over the past ___ years, especially in regards to ___"
You would of course, need to fill in the blanks with SPECIFIC information, not VAGUE statements that require interpretation by the reader.

Links for outlines (from OWL -- i love OWL!). Here are some more. A link to MLA formatting (for work cited page) AND how to use quotations in text. There is even something on alphabetizing your work cited, something I know some of you need to work on.

I think that is it for now. Good luck, and please ask questions!


At 14/12/05 15:53, Blogger erikomatsumura said...

My movie is 'Thelma & Louise'. The relationship between woman and woman is described in this movie. Friendship of male-male and female-female are different. I want to know how different they are and how females make their friendship.
Male-male friendship and female-female friendship are clearly different.
Compared with male, females are more pieceful, help each other, share a lot of experiences togrther and create their friendship. (I will watch easy rider.)

At 14/12/05 15:56, Blogger kumi_n said...

I'll write about the film, G.I. Jane. The research question is that why women cannot be allowed to get active-duty positions, for example combat, and whether women should serve in combat or not.
This reason is that there is the notion men should protect women still remain. Besides, people think that women have less staying power than men. I think that women should serve in combat. People should not take it for granted that every woman are phisically inferior to men. If a woman who has a skill for military, she should be allowed to serve in combat.

At 14/12/05 15:57, Blogger Mai Ogata said...

Hello, this si Mai.O.
Today, I reasearched about teh film "G. I. Jane," gender, and U. S army. And I found some reviews saying that this film is not feminsm one. I became to wonder it is true or not.
So, my research question is this--Is this film feminism?
And my answer is "no." But by now, I do not have mach information so I will look for them.

At 14/12/05 15:57, Blogger Mika said...

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At 14/12/05 15:58, Blogger Mika said...

I'm looking for a story of who had to have a child against her will or who had no choice except having a child.
I think that I'll find some stories that a daughter-in-law is under pressure to have a child by a mother-in-law and that Japan has more stories about such thing. Sometimes women are forced to have a child, especially a boy, and that is not because a mother wants to have a child, but because outsider, for example parents-in-law, want her to have a child.

At 14/12/05 15:58, Blogger KanaMiyazaki said...

My topic is gender identity disorder. In the film, people hate homosexal people very much and discriminate them. Why do people hate and discriminate homosexal people and gender identity disorder people?? What is the specific reoson?? These are my research questions. I guess people have very negative stereotype toward them and misunderstand them. So, we have to know the suffering of them in the society. I will write about it.

At 14/12/05 15:59, Blogger Mai Hayashi said...

1. Through the film, G.I. Jane, my research question is what is the purpose that there are women in the army. Is there anything special reason for women to take part in the army?
2. I think there are some answers for this question, but I guess that the biggest reason for women to take part in the army is that they want to be treated same as men. In the army, the training is very hard, so if they are trated same as men, they could feel that they are same label as men in all fields.

At 14/12/05 16:00, Blogger chika0306 said...

(Research Question)
Is it wrong that transgender people tell a lie in order to live as they want to.

It's not wrong. Because they have a right to live as themselves, like us; straight people. Society makes the situation these people have to tell a lie.

At 14/12/05 16:00, Blogger yurimorishita said...

Research question: How women have changed when they are free from men?
Answer: They are independent and their behabior are more mascular. However, they have also some aspect of feminine.

At 14/12/05 16:00, Blogger aya said...

Now, I am looking for imformation to compare with the movie 'My life without me'. In this class, I tried to find it on the Internet, but I could not find good one. I want to find about women in the past, and describe how they have changed. At the same time, I want to describe the similality of them(past and now). For example, women are strong etc.

At 14/12/05 16:01, Blogger seiji ohashi said...

I am looking for Japanese and American feminism which took place in 1989, especially in the movie. how feminism affected movie and how movie changed from the past. I think japanese feminism is not stronge like american. I will find out that japanese feminism is behind american.

At 14/12/05 16:01, Blogger chihirosaito said...

My research question is that why do women behave menlike? Generally, there are words called "manlike" or "womanlike" and men and women are devided in various ways each other. Therefore many released movies described gender that men are manlike, and women are womanlike. However, in "Mulan," the main character's behavior is not womanlike. Her behavior tells us feminism. So my best guess answer to the research question is that because feminism changes social gender. And I will find the wat of changing and the movement.

At 14/12/05 16:01, Blogger Nakaeri said...

Actually, I couldn’t watch the movie because it was already borrowed...
So I was kind of not sure about research topic and thesis, but during research of Cutie Blond, I began to think this movie has strong connection to prejudice especially, of appearances.
So perhaps I would focus on that mainly. But before this, there are some things which I don’t know much about. So I would like to include that information to my essay, if I could.
As you said, the message of this movie is similar to Gattaca. Yes, I agree. In Gattaca, that is the gene which prevents main character to live what they want. And in Cutie Blond, it is the appearance and the fact that she is a woman.

At 14/12/05 16:03, Blogger megumi_n said...

I watched "Boys Don't Cry". The main character is homosexuality. She dates with women. She falls in love with Lana. Lana accepts that she is lesbian, but her friends don't. I'll write about people's atitude or thought about homosexuality.

At 14/12/05 16:04, Blogger tomomasanagashima said...

I try to search for the reverse discrimination of women toward man but I could not find any good information about it. Therefore, I read material that you sent me. I could understand some points and I agree with it but it is difficult to read. I start to thinking about change my topic. However, my topic is connected with the reverse discrimination of woman. Thank you.

At 14/12/05 16:05, Blogger haruna sato said...

I researched about Thelma and Louise.
I'm looking for the change of their characteristics through their journey, and gender role. I will find how those affect their actions and results.

At 14/12/05 16:05, Blogger yoheibig said...

I'm looking for supporting source of influence of maternal instinct on female character. I guess that maternal instinct gives power and makes female character be masculine. And this instinct is motivated by even cute animal.

At 14/12/05 16:08, Blogger yamayu0329 said...

Yuka Y.
I searched about what happened in 1959 in France. However, ther is no information about it.
But I could find some info about gender role-female role have changed since 1950's , so I guess this has relation with it.

At 14/12/05 19:27, Blogger Megumi Kakimoto said...

I'd like to compare the film,"Ever After (1998)" to the story of Cinderella written by Charles Perrault. In "Ever After," some character's characteristics are very different (for example, Danielle as Cinderella). so, I will focus on why the filmmaker of "Ever After" changed some characteristic in the story. Probably, films are deeply influenced by social change, and people in the society are also influenced by the media like the film or the book. For this reason, change of the characteristic might connects to the social change, I think. I will research how the society "Ever After" was released is different from the society Perrault wrote Cinderella. I expect women in the former society are freer than women in the latter society.

At 14/12/05 21:14, Blogger YukaMori said...

I will write about The Fifth Element. The fifth element Leeloo tells Korben that she protects all people in the earth and Diva protects the other four. However, Korben protects Leeloo and the others after Diva's death. In other words, he also protects all people. Therefore, I will focus on why female characters protect the four elements and people, and a male character finally protects everything. I think that they are related with maternity and paternity, so I expect to find the relationships.

At 14/12/05 22:43, Blogger AyumiShingu said...

This is Ayumi! I am going to write about the film Boys Don't Cry.
I will focus on Lana, the main character's heroin. She loves Teena, who is the main character of this film and she is actually a man but pretends to woman and loves woman because she is the gender identity disorder. When they have the first sex, Lana notices that Teena is actually woman, but she does not hate Teena and continues to love protect her. I cannot understand what is her feelings. She is not natural woman because she loves Teena even she notices that Teena is actually a man, and also she is not lesbian because she has loved Teena since she believed that Teena was a man. Now, I think she actually loves Teena to look her as neither a man nor woman, I mean she loves Teena's characteristics. For her it is not important that Teena is a man or not, but she loves Teena because Teena loves her, Teena protects her and Teena thinks herself "man". Also, I think she loves how Teena lives. I do not think deeply yet, so I want to research more from now on.

At 14/12/05 23:10, Blogger KaoriFujiwara said...

My research question is "Gender" is good and useful thing or bad and useless thing?
My ansuwer is the latter because gender sometimes limit some people's possibility or interest.

At 14/12/05 23:53, Blogger RieOkada said...

I watched "Boys Don't Cry". I wondered that why the two men raped Teena in spite of that they criticized her and knew that she was transsexualism. I think that this answer may be connect with sex character and desire. I cannot answer completely yet so I want to reserch more and find the clear answer.

At 15/12/05 00:06, Blogger Eriko Minami said...

This is Eriko. I chose the Walt Disney's movie,"Pocahontas". The question is that: what the invader; England represents?? And what passive Indian represents??
The answer is that, England represents man and Versinia represents woman.I should collect more infomation.


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