Wednesday, December 07, 2005

researching our friday film

Not a lot on the forum today. By midnight tonight, I would like you to do as Eribou has done and post a comment about this Friday's film and your choice on which we should watch. Below I have given you the names of the films, as well as their length. One thing to note about the film The Brother from Another Planet is that there are NO Subtitles.

In class, I hope there will be a little time for you to do some reading and discussion of these two films in small groups. I will aslo try to show the trailers for both films so you can get a feel for them. Places to look for information about these films. Obviously, I expect you to be able to do your own research, but to give you some other options beyond (which is a good place to look, especially in their forums). You are free to do your own research as well, and I encourage you to look at more sites than just the ones I mentioned, I offer these if you are feeling a bit lazy, or need a place to begin.

Contact (1997) 153minutes. -- many quoteable reviews here. High rating (76% of critics like it)
Here is a link for the plot of the film.
trailer might work, this one should work.
In, I suggest looking at the forums to see what other, regular viewers have said about these films. It can be fun. Be careful: sometimes these forums contain 'spoliers' information that gives away what happens in the film. Some people don't like to know so much about what they will watch.

Brother from Another Planet (1984) 110minutes. -- lots of review quotes on this film. Notice it's very high rating (100% of reviewers gave it a positive rating)
Synopsis (plot) of the film is interesting to read as well.
Yahoo overview and links
Online Trailer -- don't know if this will work.
There are far fewer forum threads on Brother at, but they might still be useful.

Notice, we will not hae time to finish either in class, but we will see most of them and I will probably run them all the way through (you can leave at the end of class just like with 12Monkeys, if you want/need to go).

Please post on the previous forum NOT this one. Please post on Monday's forum.


At 7/12/05 17:08, Blogger yurimorishita said...

I want to watch "Brother from Another Planet". My first impression about this title was 'brother!? Why is there brother in another planet?' So I'm interesting in this movie. And the other thing that I have interest about this movie is that the main character is black man. The main characters of the movies that we have watched in the class is white people. According to my research, many famous black actors and actresses appeared in 1980's. That is interesting for me.

At 14/12/05 16:01, Blogger AkikoHarada said...

I wonder why G.I jane has generally less reputation. according to my research, some people say this movie is less a thematic movie of all movies by Riddy scotts. I wonder it is because of some violent and cruel scene. I really did not care it when I saw this movie, but I am not sure that this story's theme is about getting over gender problems or about just about friend ship


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