Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Welcome back.

1. I really hope everyone remembers where we are at today... Oh well. I want you to come up to the board, pick up a pen and write down some ideas/topics you have thought of over the break. Write your name and a couple (more than one, less than 5). Don't worry so much if your ideas are repeated by others. Once you have finished writing your ideas, go back to your computer and find our forum. You might take a few minutes familiarizing yourself with it (if you haven't been here before) or reading the comments since you last visited. This assignment should take no longer than 10minutes.

2. Ok now the forum. If you haven't done so, now you must. Open a new window with this URL (right-click it and select 'open in a new window'
Write down this url, you will be visiting it over the next couple weeks. I grade your participation on this forum, so you should visit and participate (by reading and commenting) frequently. On the top bar, you will see many buttons. You will have to click some, fill out some cells so you can become a member, and then we will move on.
  • First, click the ENGLISH button to switch to English. In class, we will always use this.
  • Next, click "LOG IN," if you are already a member, or "CLICK HERE TO JOIN THIS COMMUNITY" if you haven't become a member over the break.
  • Finally, if you did not log in and comment over the vacation, do so now. Please make sure you are logged in and comment in the "welcome to the winter forum" topic, and write something short, like 'hello,' just to show me you can do it. If you have already commented on the forum (if you commented over vacation) you do not need to comment now.
  • If you did comment ov
3. Discussing the brainstorm on the board.

4. Important. We have one week until presentations begin, so you will have to do some work outside of class, using the forum. I did say that ifyou chose not to participate in the conversation over the break that you would have to catch up when we got back. I was not kidding. By the end of class today, you will need to have a group and a topic/text/focus, or, barring a specific topic/text/focus, you will at least need to have a short list of possible topics.

5. Today's assignment: Each group will need to talk with me (briefly) about their possible topic and then should create a topic on the forum with a team name... (not all the members of your group, that will be in your first post). Make it something catchy or fun, something that tells others what your topic is about. Some examples might be "Subject 28" for a group working on Akira -- is that too deep? or "Team Ghost" for a group working on Oshii's Ghost in the Shell, "Catbus Stop" for a team working on Totoro which is not, technically, SF but you get the idea: that cool looking Catbus is an important character in the film, so this title... yeah. Think about it.
Once your group has decided and one ofyou has created a forum topic, teammates (and others as well who want to help, offer advice, etc.) will share their findings, questions, comments, thoughts, strategies, links, etc. in the forum. Use the forum to communicated with each other. If you find something cool like a URL or other piece(s) of information, or thought of something when you watched the text, post it, write about it. (Did you notice what I did there? check it out, if you did, it might be helpful). Discuss your topic, students. Do so outside of class. Your presentation will be underdeveloped if you think you can just work on this in class -- that simply isnt enough time.
Use the forum to create specific a specfici focus or list of tasks for each student so you can all participate in the presentation. Once you have found a topic your group should decide how you will go about finding out about it from the primary and (if necessary) secondary texts. Brainstorm on where to look. Assign students to specific tasks. Get to work, and use the forum as a way to track what you have done and comment on what others have done.

6. The rest of class today is a work-in-class day. You have a lot to do. If you have questions, or comments, ask, or post them here in our forum's new question post.

Tomorrow we will have more time to work in the lab, and share ideas. I will also (maybe) demonstrate a presentation. You will (hopefully) help me create criteria I can use to grade this assignment -- specifically the presentation.

And starting tomorrow, we will switch to the forum for computer lab assignments as well -- why not. That is where you will be posting, why not get right on it and cut out the class blog.


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